Oct 14

It is our goal at RBC to grow into a deeper knowledge of, and closer relationship with, our Savior, Jesus Christ. We have designed our services with this philosophy in mind.


Sunday Morning Worship 10:30am 

Zoom session will open by 10:30am. Click here to enter Sunday Service

This service is where we come together as a local body of believers to focus on glorifying Christ by commemorating His Resurrection with song, prayer, and preaching. Children may attend "children's church" where they can learn the Bible on their own level and a nursery is provided for new parents convenience.


Wednesday Evening 6:30pm 

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On this night we spend an hour studying the Bible. Generally the subjects of this study revolve around basic Biblical truths. This is an excellent time to come and ask questions you may have about the Bible and religion.


LAMBS Club Wednesdays 6:30pm 

Zoom Session will open at 6:30pm. Click here to enter LAMBS Club

Learning About MBlessed Savior club is a program for children ages K-6th grade. The participants will memorize Bible verses and take part in a children's choir which will perform at Christmas and Easter.